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Michico Amali

*1954 in JPN


Ausstellungen [Auswahl]:


2006 Crossing, photo installation Ai gallery, Tokyo JPN [S]
2005 The Art breaks our new paradigm" CGprint/interactive installation/workshop, Yokohama Civic Gallery JPN    
        Colourful" CGprint/interactive installation/workshop, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma JPN
2004 VISION, CGprint/interactive installation, Galerie Kritiku, Praha CZE
2003 Women, who chatced Light, video installation and interactive installation , Pola Museum Annex,Tokyo JPN
2002 A Circle without Boundaries, Exhibition, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery,Yokohama, JPN
2001 Memory of Green, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo JPN




Michico Amali x

Bio Tide I & II, 1988, 9 min., Farbe [VIDEONALE.3]

The title, Biotide, expresses the fact that life on the earth are under influence of Moon's gravitational force in one way or another. Everyone knows about tidal wave; and it was an astonishment to me when I realised that the force which would change the sea level by meters, in fact has effect on our body the same way. The moon, the sea which is under the control of the moon, and the people who live by the sea and their sensitivity are themes of this work.(Michico Amali) 

Quelle: kaeru.com/biotide.html

Michico Amali