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Ken Feingold


Ken Feingold x

La Vida es Una Herida Absurda, 1995, 3:00 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.6]


Meena Nanji x

Voices of the Morning, 1992, 13:40 min., sound, b/w [VIDEONALE.6]


Jan Verbeek x

Local Ride, 1994, 02:12 min., colour, sound [VIDEONALE.6]


Tamás Waliczky x

The Garden. 21st Century Amateur Film, 1992/1996, 4:27 (0:45) Min., Colour, Sound [VIDEONALE.6]


Kai Zimmer x

One Minute in America, 1993, 1:00 Min, Colour, Sound [VIDEONALE.6]

In One minute in America time and content melt together ideally to one entity. For his one minute-long film Kai Zimmer assembled announcements from US-TV admiting each presidential candidate one minute speaking time in rapid sequences of cuts. In image and sound the absurdity of the election campaign via media and the depression radiated by this form of self-expression is manifested. (http://www.hochstiftung.de/seiten/filmpreis_gewinner_24062004.php) [Transl. by ed.]


Breda Beban / Hrvoje Horvatic x

Absence She Said, 1994/95, 15:49 Min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.6]

‘Concentrated on the place of a female character in urban landscapes and domestic interiors, Absence, She Said is a highly atmospheric meditation on stasis and movement, on isolation and belonging. Without dialogue or soliloquy, the sound employs excerpts from Shostakovich String Quartet and a kind of musique concrete to enhance mood and rhythm. Structurally, the scenes in the tape alternate between the interior space of a flat – with all the attendant suggestion of the reassuring familiarity of domestic space being simultaneously represented and questioned in the frozen, blurred quality of the still images at the beginning of the tape – and the exterior urban landscapes, interspersed by short, poetic inter titles evoking the subjective states of the female character. It is this character who, through her heightened presence at the beginning and the end of the tape, frames events and images, suggesting that they are at once visions, memories and facts, subjective and objective images simultaneously.’ – Chris Darke


Sadie Benning x

Girl Power, USA 1992, 15:00, VHS [VIDEONALE.6]

The Video and its excerpts are available through Video Data Bank

Work description from Videonale 6 Catalogue (PDF)


Mindy Faber x

Delirium - USA, 1993, 23:00 min. (excerpt 3:09) [VIDEONALE.6]

Work Description from Videonale 6 Catalogue (PDF)

VIDEONALE.6 (September 13–18, 1994 at Bonner Kunstverein)

400 submissions

103 selected works

Videonale Awards
Sadie Benning for "Girl Power" and Peter Callas for "Bilderbuch für Ernst Will: A Euro Rebus"
The cultural award of WDR-broadcasting station went to Meena Nanji for "Voices of the Morning".

Andreas Denk, Petra Unnützer