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Ken Feingold x

Un Chien Délicieux, 1991, 18:40 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.5]


Juha von Ingen x

(Dis)integrator, 1991, 3:55 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.5]

Recycling a video loop on the explanation how television works (snatched from a 50´s sci-fi film), creates the framework for a structural demonstration on the deconstruction of the video signal. This is done by copying the tape over and over again with two VHS-recorders until the picture and sound disintegrate into noise.


Istvan Kantor x

Jericho, 1991, 18:24 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.5]

Interview mit Istvan Kantor.
Work description from Videonale 5 Catalogue (PDF)


Annebarbe Kau x

namen, 1992, 7:15 min., Colour [VIDEONALE.5]

In the video “namen” (names), a sequence of intimate and tranquil images, the leitmotif – a close-up of trickling sand – is contrasted with a series of live recordings. 



Julie Kuzminska x

Chaos, 1992, 3:00 Min, Colour, Sound [VIDEONALE.5]


Julian Lee x

Nos Fer A Tu, 1991, 5:00 (02:32) min., colour, no sound [VIDEONALE.5]


Shelly Silver x

The Houses that are left, 1991, 52:00 Min., b&w and colour, sound [VIDEONALE.5]

Silver is one of the foremost figures in a younger generation of American videomakers coming to prominence with a series of works which combine visual and formal experimentation with a provocative narrative punch. The Houses That Are Left rates as her most ambitious project to date, and also presents one of the most intriguing independent tapes to come out of the United States in the last few years. Structured as a sort of post-modern mystery story (that encompasses everything from murder to market research, from sexuality to the supernatural), it constructs a shifting narrative framework in which not only its characters but also the viewer is constantly having to sift out what is fiction from what is truth...to finally arrive at its powerful and perceptive dissection of modern America: anxious, narcissistic, consumed by media images. 

Steven Bode, London Film Festival


Aina Šmid x

Three sisters, 1992, 28 min., Ton, Farbe [VIDEONALE.5, together with Marina Gržinić]


Jan Verbeek x

Continuum, 1991, 5:45 min., colour, sound [VIDEONALE.5]

VIDEONALE.5 (September 15–20, 1992 at Bonner Kunstverein)

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128 selected works

Videonale Awards
Marina Grzinic & Aina Šmid for "Three Sisters" and Ken Feingold for "Un chien delicieux"
The cultural award of WDR-broadcasting station went to Ivan Kantor for "Jericho" and Juha van Ingen for "[Dis]Integrator".

Axel Wirths