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Julian Alvarez Garcia x

Frame, or the Fortune's Wheel, 1990, 5:30 (02:38) min, sound, colour [VIDEONALE.4]


Breda Beban & Hrvoje Horvatic x

For you and me in them to be one, 1988/89, 30:00 Min., colour & b/w, sound [VIDEONALE.4]

Image source: www.luxonline.org.uk


Peter Callas x

Neo Geo: An American Purchase, 1989, 9:17 min., color, sound [VIDEONALE.4]

[Image source: www.eai.org/title.htm]

Neo Geo: An American Purchase Produced during a year-long residency in New York, Neo Geo is a vivid portrayal of the contemporary American cultural landscape. Constructed as a fragmented and dislocated terrain embedded with emblematic imagery, Callas' dark vision of cultural memory is inscribed with symbols of violence, money, war, and jingoistic bravado. American stereotypes (Uncle Sam, cowboys, Smokey the Bear) collide with a progression of nightmare images (Oswald, the Ku Klux Klan, nuclear warheads), all vibrantly redrawn, layered and processed on a Fairlight CVI computer graphic system. This dynamic, hyperactive barrage of visual information assumes new meaning as an intricate language of cultural identity.

Quelle: www.eai.org/title.htm 

Under the title NEO GEO is a veiled reference to "new world" and what America did to it. Many American territories were originally called "purchases", as they had been bought from other colonial powers (France, Spain, Russia). The tape uses popular images from American culture, in which governments give out imperialist images to their own population.

Source: www.exquise.org/video.php




Ivo Dekovic x

Sailor, 1989, 4:00 Min, colour, sound [VIDEONALE.4]


Monika Funke Stern x

Das Wesen der Verwandlung, 1990, 8:30 min, colour, sound [VIDEONALE.4]


Alexander Hahn x

Dirt Site, 1990, 15:15 min., b/w, sound [VIDEONALE.4]

Dirt Site is an electronic memory play, inspired by the medieval Bogomil heresy. The stage is the labyrinth of the human psyche. From beneath the fractionated and codified appearances of our urban-technological environment ,the piece evokes a tropical and prehistorical landscape of our past - a devolution from the necortex to the reptilian brain. 

Quelle: www.alexanderhahn.com/Video/DirtSite2012.html

Videonale-Katalog als pdf 


Lynn Hershman x

"Desire INC", 1990, 26:00min. colour, sound [VIDEONALE.4]


Annebarbe Kau x

m, 1990, 3:50 min. colour and b/w [VIDEONALE.4]

“m” examines the basic elements of video art: images and sound. They are handled here as two independent levels, each given equal treatment in the composition of the work, and each imbued with emotionally subjective moments, which reverberate in the viewer. 



Shelly Silver x

We, 1990, 4:00 Min., b&w and color, sound [VIDEONALE.4]

Even as the text instructs us otherwise, it is impossible not to read We's two images - that is, to respond to their symbolic quality, their suggestiveness. In a stream of associations, the rhythmic flow of people on the left becomes an ejaculation while the rhythmic hand on the right marks detachment, self-centeredness. Simultaneously, we may say to ourselves, "Yes, it is only a crowd of anonymous people. It is only a penis." But even as we attempt to discipline our interpretative urges, the hermeneutic created by this simple juxtaposition is driving us crazy with questions: Who is he? Why is he alone? Does he have a lover...? Does everyone in this crowd masturbate? Do they seek isolation from the mass? Are they aware of one another? Are they relational in less-populated situations? Why was this private image made public? Why is this image private...? 

Chris Straayer, Deviant Eyes, Deviant Bodies, Sexual Orientation in Film and Video, Columbia University Press, 1996


Jan Verbeek x

Interferenz, 1990, 7:42 min., colour, sound [VIDEONALE.4]

VIDEONALE.4 (September 18–23, 1990 at Bonner Kunstverein)

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