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Ivo Dekovic x

Linardo, 1986-88, 4:30 min, sound, colour [VIDEONALE.2]


Michael Eikel & Siegfried Nowarra x

Körperklänge, 1986, 6:40 min., colour, sound [VIDEONALE.2]


Ken Feingold x

Irony (The Abyss of Speech), 1985, 28:50 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.2]


Monika Funke Stern x

Zum Glück gibt es kein Patent, 1986, 12:00 min (excerp 3:01), colour, sound [VIDEONALE.2]


Annebarbe Kau x

Undine, 1986, 10:00 min, colour, sound [VIDEONALE.2]



Dieter Kiessling x

Fallende Scheibe, 1986,0:45 min, Colour, Sound [VIDEONALE.2]


Bernd Kracke x

Still Live, 1986, 3:22 min, colour, sound [VIDEONALE.2]

VIDEONALE.2 (September 13–21, 1986 at Raum 41)

300 submissions

146 selected works

Videonale Awards
John Adams for "Intellectual Properties", Dara Birnbaum for "Will-O-The Wisp" and Llurex Video for "Ironland"
A production prize, sponsored by a local TV station in Bonn, went to Dieter Kiessling for "Fallende Scheibe".

Dieter Daniels, Bärbel Moser, Petra Unnützer