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Bradley Eros & Aline Mare x

Venus to Penis, 1983, 15:00 (03:15) min., colour +b/w, sound [VIDEONALE.1]


Monika Funke Stern x

Frankensteins Scheidung, 1984, 46 min, colour, sound [VIDEONALE.1]

In FRANKENSTEINS DIVORCE Monika Funke Stern adopts the theme of the artificially created being/creature. And she does not turn up her nose at old-fashioned means: Thunder and lightning, needle and thread, pots and pans, knives and scissors are as much in use as horror films and standard films, cosmetic commercials, computer graphics, performance and video stunts. And once the creature has been made it starts to move and is expected to function just as its inventor intended. The wedding with its creator is imminent, but its programmed rules do not make it behave as was foreseen. The rules are reprogrammed and this leads to a divorce. 
Source: http://www.stiftung-imai.de/b_katalog/archiv?a_id=1027 [Übersetzung: Red.]


Jean-François Guiton x

Partituer, 1983, 10:00 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.1]


Barbara Hammann x

Video-Pattern, 1983, 3:40 (3:17) min, colour, sound [VIDEONALE.1]


Herbert Wentscher x

Alles bestens, 1983, 30:00 min., colour, sound [VIDEONALE.1]

VIDEONALE.1 (September 21–28, 1984)

In 1984 Videonale was founded by three students of art history in Bonn and since then takes place every two years.

The first edition received more than 100 submissions.

Videonale Awards
Jean Franҫois Guiton for "Partituer", Volker Anding for "Ever’nd Salad" and Herbert Wentscher for "Alles Bestens – Videolieder"

Founders and curators
Dieter Daniels, Bärbel Moser, Petra Unnützer