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Kai Zimmer [Videonale.6 & 7]

*1964, in Kiel GER, lives and works in Berlin GER
Training as media technician
since 1988 working as artist


Kai Zimmer x

One Minute in America, 1993, 1:00 Min, Colour, Sound [VIDEONALE.6]

In One minute in America time and content melt together ideally to one entity. For his one minute-long film Kai Zimmer assembled announcements from US-TV admiting each presidential candidate one minute speaking time in rapid sequences of cuts. In image and sound the absurdity of the election campaign via media and the depression radiated by this form of self-expression is manifested. (http://www.hochstiftung.de/seiten/filmpreis_gewinner_24062004.php) [Transl. by ed.]


Kai Zimmer x

3 Minutes in America, 1996, 3:00 Min, colour, sound [VIDEONALE.7]

Description from Videonale Catalogue (PDF)

Kai Zimmer [ Videonale.6 & 7 ]