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Gerhard Treml & Leo Calice [Videonale.15]

Gerhard Treml
* 1963 in Salzburg AUT, lives and works in Wien AUT
Studied at Universität Salzburg AUT and at Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien AUT

Leo Calice
* 1980 in St. Gotthard AUT
Studied at Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien AUT

Exhibitions [selection]:

Gerhard Treml

2015 Vienna for Arts Sake, Contemporary Art, Archive Austria, Luciano Benetton, Belvedere, Vienna AUT 

2014 The Eden’s Edge Project with David Lamelas and Kaucyila Brooke, MAK Center, Los Angeles, USA 

2013 Out of the Box, MAK, Vienna AUT 


Leo Calice

2014 MehrWert-Filmpreis für den besten Kurzfilm bei der Viennale 2014, AUT 

         »Handmade« Dinner Performance, Anzenberger Gallery, Vienna AUT 

2013 Out of the Box, MAK, Vienna AUT 

2012 Cittadellarte. Teilen und verändern, Kunsthaus Graz, Steirischer Herbst 2012, Graz AUT


Gerhard Treml & Leo Calice x

Eden's Edge, 2014, 27:07 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.15]

Without horizon and perspective, the characters of EDEN’S EDGE are moving across static shots of the Californian desert. Remarkable, idiosyncratic concepts of life present themselves on the base of just as unconventional landscapes. Unconventional, anti conventional – ›counterculture‹. The characters are protagonists of these countercultures of the 1960’s. They represent activism, pacifism, spiritual self-discovery and closeness to nature. Today failed concepts and outdated models? Maybe. But only measured by an ideal, whose standards never applied to a ›real‹ avant garde anyway. All are connected by the locality of the desert, ›terra incognita‹ and a space free for dreams and the wish for an ›alternative‹ life. And these paths of life and their histories are not linear narratives. They are rather shaped by curves and detours, but also by freedom. The desert is paradoxical, it is freedom and constraint, hostile to life and a possibility for individual fulfillment – contradictory, like EDEN’S EDGE itself. The artist duo Treml & Calice shows everything and nothing: the strict top views remain in the far distance, however near the voices may appear, most personal stories are told in stylized landscapes, without horizon or perspective.

Jan Harms

Gerhard Treml & Leo Calice [ Videonale.15 ]