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Alexej Tchernyi [Videonale.11]

*1976, lives in Potsdam GER
Studied at Kunsthochschule Kassel GER and at Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen, Potsdam GER

Exhibitions [selection]:

2012 Voir en peinture, La Box - École Nationale Superieure d´Art de Bourges, Bourges FRA

2011 Heimatkunde, Jüdisches Museum, Berlin GER

         Berlinale Shorts, Berlin GER

         Milano Film Festival, Milano ITA

2006 Probelauf 12, Akademie der Künste, Berlin GER


Alexej Tchernyi x

Fish Soup, 2006, 10:00 min, sound, colour [VIDEONALE.11, together with Ulu Braun]

Fish Soup spirits the viewer away to an Italian seaside village, inviting him to witness what the inhabitants are up to in a variety of settings: banal everyday situations are joined by bizarre constellations that gradually reveal a common theme: people´s careless encroachment on the environment. The story culminates in a series of violent explosions beneath the surface of the sea: the contaminated water boils, steam rises, dead fish float up onto the surface. And yet the far-reaching implications of what they are doing - the destruction of the environment - does not seem to worry the residents in the least. Instead, they seize on the catastrophe as an occasion for wild celebrations and begin to spoon up the fish soup they have prepared. The people´s guileless behaviour is conveyed by means of colourful, naive-looking imagery. Various animation techniques both embellish the events and pass over them. Braun and Tchernyi not only deliver here socially critical food for thought, they also encourage the viewer to reflect on his own treatment of the environment.

Julia Kürten

Alexej Tchernyi [ Videonale.11 ]