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Mireia c. Saladrigues [Videonale.13]

*1978, in Terrassa ESP, lives and works in Barcelona ESP
Studied at University of Barcelona ESP and at Kuvataide Akatemia FIN

Exhibitions [selection]:

2013 Rotations #2 The Exit, àngels barcelona gallery, Barcelona ESP 

         Rotations #1 The Route, àngels barcelona gallery, Barcelona ESP 

2012 The genesis of a Musem. L’aparador, Abelló Museum, Mollet ESP 

2011 Comportamientos del público, Espai 13, Funcadió Miró, Barcelona ESP 

         Composició del lloc. Caja Madrid, Barcelona ESP 

         Impossibilitats, Espai Guinovart, Agramunt ESP 

2010 0912 10. Homesession. Barcelona ESP 

         Projecte E/F, Loop 2010,Francesca Bonemaison, Barcelona ESP 

2009 Zoolar Eclipse. By Ane Agirre and Juan Canela. EspaiDos, Sala Mancunill, Terrassa, ESP





Mireia c. Saladrigues x

Projecte E/F, 2008, 14:20 Min., Sound, Colour [VIDEONALE.13]

What is provincialism in art: is it dealing with local issues or is it being a bad artist? Is art a collective or personal endeavor? Does institutionalization of the practice of art bring better funding to artists or does it also curtail artists' freedom of expression? Mireia Saladrigues raises myriad questions related to the logistics of the functioning of art in her staged conversation between three young Spanish people who are sharing their breakfast in the setting of an art studio. The interlocutors cite the material that Saladrigues has gathered through thirty interviews with various players on the Spanish art scene: artists, curators, critics, and employees of various cultural institutions. Using the sociological methodology of gathering and analyzing information to produce her video piece, Saladrigues thus comments on the nature of the process of contemporary art, which has become a discursive practice. An artist has ceased to be a seer confined to an ivory tower and has instead been transformed into a social agent who generates artistic meaning in the process of networking.

Olena Chervonik

Mireia c. Saladrigues [ Videonale.13 ]