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Meggie Schneider [Videonale.13]

*1963, in Cologne GER, lives and works in Berlin GER
Studied at the Akademie voor Beeldende Kunst, Enschede NED, Université de Montréal CAN and University of Fine Arts, Berlin GER

2010 spielzeit’europa, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin GER [S] 

         BESTE LAGE, Kulturhaus Mitte, Berlin GER

2009 Berlin change plus vite que mon coeur, La Gare Saint Sauveur, lille3000, Lille, FRA

2008 After the Light: Moving Image displayed at Night, Radialsystem V, Berlin GER

2006 - 2007 Sala de la Tele - Chile / Chilean TV-Room, El Centro de Documentación de las Artes, Palacio La

           Moneda, Santiago de Chile, RCH [S]

2004 - 2006 Berlinale, Trilogie: PRIVATE SPACES / PUBLIC INTIMACY, Internationales Forum des jungen      
           Films, Berlin GER


Meggie Schneider [Videonale.13] x

Module 002 / Restraum, 2010, 19:00 min, sound, colour [Videonale.13]

Making use of the shot / reverse-shot as a narrative technique, Meggie Schneider builds up an impression of an area in the center of Berlin framed by two ‘P2’ prefabricated houses, showing its architecture, the design of the squares and the goings-on in and around them. The public space in front of the prefabricated buildings is shown from different angles. First of all, from the private apartments, from the resident’s perspective. Music drifts from the apartments into the outside world and noises from the street filter in. In the 1970s the apartments were allocated to workers and academics. The higher the reputation of the prospective tenant, the higher up the building was the allocated apartment. From the opposite angle, the square is shown from the apartments opposite. Sometimes the perspective is directed upwards, sometimes directly towards the building showing a detail of the façade. Some shots are also taken at ground level, again both from perspective and counterperspective. Following the course of different times of the day and using changes of perspective, the spectator gets an insight into the urban dialogue of the interior and exterior world, the nearness and the distance, the inhabitants and the passers-by.

Kathrin Michel


Meggie Schneider [no Videonale contribution] x

Module 001 / F 05.11, 2010, sound, colour [no Videonale contribution]

Meggie Schneider [ Videonale.13 ]