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Alex McQuilkin [Videonale.10]

*1980 in Boston Massachusetts USA, lebt in New York USA
Studied at New York University, New York USA and at the NYU Steinhard School, New York USA

Exhibitons [selection]:


2011 Alex McQuilkin: The First Ten Years, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, New York USA [S]

2010 Neugierig? - Kunst des 21. Jahrhunderts aus privaten Sammlungen Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle, Bonn GER

2009 I Wish I was a Beam of Light, Galerie Adler, Frankfurt am Main GER [S]
         Höhepunkte der Kölner KunstFilmBiennale, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin GER

2008 Diana und Actaeon. Der verbotene Blick auf die Nacktheit, Museum Kunstpalast,Düsseldorf GER

         Romeo and Juliet, subZONE Galerie Adler, Frankfurt am Main GER [S]

         Number Two: Fragile, Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf GER

2007 Joan of Arc, Marvelli Gallery, New York City, NY, USA [S]



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Alex McQuilkin x

"Get Your Gun Up", 2002, 2:30, sound, colour [VIDEONALE.10]

The male gaze, staged in the classic western genre, forms the backdrop to Get Your Gun Up. Citing Sergio Leone's "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", a duel is presented in which two young women fight for the resounding triumph in view of their perfect bodies. Instead of the western hero's revolver the artist makes use of the cliché of the "weapons of a woman", here however less as an instrument of seduction than mainly as arsenal of poses of female self-expression. The two protagonists appear against the setting of a field of graves in the open prairie. By the selected image sections they remain anonymous. The belly and hip areas, effectively presented in tight panties adorned with leather straps and sheriff stars, and the carefully applied eye and lip make up, represent the female body. Minimal gestures - the tapping index finger of a hand put in the hip, mistrustfully contracting eyes or a contemptuously grinning mouth - make clear that the women are duellists rather than combatants. The potential defeat in the fight for the observer's approval would equal death.

Bettina Schönfelder

Alex McQuilkin