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Jen Liu [Videonale.10]

*1976 in New York USA, lives and works in New York USA
Studied at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia ESP and at the Oberlin College, Oberlin USA


Exhibitions [selection]:


2014 Mallorca Landings, Palma de Mallorca, ESP
2013 Come One Come All, Citizen M, New York, NY, USA [S]
         Salon der Angst, Kunsthalle Wien, Wien, AUT
2012 Initial Public Offerings, Space of Drawings, Kopenhagen, DEN [S]
         PERFORMANCE: FOLIO, Soloway, New York, USA [S]
2011 SIX COLORFUL TALES: FROM THE EMOTIONAL SPECTRUM (WOMEN), Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, GBR 2010 Brody Condon and Jen Liu, On Stellar Rays, New York, USA [S]
2009 The Last Alphabet/Pasta Belt Health, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam, NED [S]
2008 Insurrection for a Million or One, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam, NED [S]


Jen Liu x

2304 is a Beer Drinking Year, 2004, 5:50 Min, colour, sound [VIDEONALE.10]

2304 Is a Beer Drinking Year skilfully plays with the genre of music video, mixing various media levels. Digital animation is combined with clips from monumental big-screen epics dedicated to the heroic depiction of war scenes. This interplay results in a humorous and sarcastic commentary on the connection between economic interests and martial activities. “Don't forget, tax from ten beers pays to make one bullet”, is the slogan that unites war and advertising campaign. As in the music video genre, the images in 2304 Is a Beer Drinking Year are to be read as illustration of and commentary on the song's music and lyrics. “Ten thousand beers build a bomb! Come on! Tell 1665 - what it's about! Tell 803 BC - bullets, pint, a shout! Tell 1665 - what it's about! Shoot, shoot, shoot! What it's about!” are some of the song's words. Music, text and pictures create an imaginary war in which cause and effect blur. Is it a military crusade to propagate beer drinking and guitar rock, or are we experiencing the vision of a war financed through beer consumption? The boundaries between advertising and military campaign are just as fluid as those between earnestness and entertainment.

Dorothée Brill

Jen Liu