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Halina Kliem [Videonale.11]

* lives in Berlin GER
Studied at Universität der Künste Berlin GER, at Carnegie Mellon University of Art, Pittsburgh USA and at Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg GER 


Exhibitions [selection]:


2012 Flucht um Mitternacht, DUVE Berlin GER [S]
         Miniature by Serendipity, Babette, Berlin GER

2011 Colour Spaces, Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen CHN [S]
         How, Kunsthalle Autocenter, Berlin GER [S]
         Curators Choice, Tape Modern, Berlin GER

2010 On last Legs, The Center for Endless Progress, Berlin GER [S]
         Reverse and Cycle Stripes FREE ADMISSION, DUVE Berlin GER [S]

2009 Accessions 2009, Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin GER
2008 you don’t want to become so personal here, Simonis Gallery, Warschau POL [S]

         fuck, it looked so appealing on the package, Galerie Duvekleemann, Berlin GER [S]




Halina Kliem x

Real World [still toddling], 2006, 3:04 min., no sound, colour [VIDEONALE.11]

Real World [still toddling] is an attempt to chronicle a trip through the hurdles, problems and obstacles of everyday life ‒ as Halina Kliem experiences them in her ‘real world’. The work takes a formalist approach to this theme. A running text in a white sans serif font scrolls across a neon green background, written by the imaginary hand of the artist. She gives her thoughts free rein, composing a spontaneous, impulsive and honest diary. Halina Kliem reveals her emotions and describes her experiences, letting us in on what it feels like to still be tottering and toddling through the ‘real world’ like a small child. Her everyday routine as artist is shaped by deadlines and applications ‒ along with disappointment when, for example, her projects are rejected. Her constant self-doubt makes her reflect on psychoanalysis as an alternative to art. The obstacles that preoccupy her are usually small: when she visits a shop to buy new ink and finds out that it has closed, she almost falls into a depression. She also complains of how lonely it is sitting in front of a computer and vows to be more sociable and outgoing. When her Internet connection works, she takes it as a sign that things will improve in her life. But along the way, she realizes that life is passing her by.
Corina Charlambous

Halina Kliem