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Juha van Ingen [Videonale.5]

* 1963 in Hämeenlinna FIN, lebt in Helsinki FIN


Ausstellungen [Auswahl]:


2012 KESTO, Musterzimmer, Berlin GER
         ITAF International Teletext Art Festival, Berlin GER

2009 Juha van Ingen, Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki FIN [S]
         Tracking Traces, Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki FIN

2008 Image and After, Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki FIN




Juha von Ingen


Juha von Ingen x

(Dis)integrator, 1991, 3:55 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.5]

Recycling a video loop on the explanation how television works (snatched from a 50´s sci-fi film), creates the framework for a structural demonstration on the deconstruction of the video signal. This is done by copying the tape over and over again with two VHS-recorders until the picture and sound disintegrate into noise.

Juha van Ingen