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Jacqueline Forzelius [Videonale.10]

* 1982 in Schweden, lives in Västra Frölunda SWE
Studied at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam NED, at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Bergen NOR and at Kyrkerud Art School, Art, Årjäng SWE


Exhibitions [Selection]: 

2010 Press Play: Taking on Performance, ADA Rotterdam NED and Kolektiva, Ljubljana SLO

2009 He is supposed to get into your subconscious (Skype performance), ADA Rotterdam NED
        The Art of the Overhead 2009, Stapelbädden, Malmö SWE

2008 My Travels With Barry (Graduation show, Piet Zwart Institute), TENT, Rotterdam NED
        Vestlandsutstillingen 2008

2007 This Must Be How It Feels To Be There, Parkhuismestern, Rotterdam NED




Jacqueline Forzelius x

This is good for you, 2005, 2:30 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.10]

Jacqueline Forzelius extends an invitation for dinner. The artist's camera angle places the spectator at a plain wooden table. A young androgynous woman is sitting opposite. Nothing suggests that a second person is expected. The words spoken by the “hostess” confirm what is already indicated by the field of view - the invited guest is already sitting at the table. Though seeming to be in dialogue form the comments turn out to be a monologue. The young woman complains about the behaviour of her guest who is invisible to the spectator. The manners of the alleged hostess however leave much to be desired. She drinks yogurt, spills it and stirs it on the table, it runs out of her mouth and she smears it with her fingers. The spectator's initial curiosity is turned into a fascination that also implies a certain uneasiness by the perspective and the direct addressing: “Am I spoken to?” The artist works with the visual, acoustic and emotional levels that constitute the human communication system. She demonstrates limitations of this system whenever narrative strings on these levels are diametrically opposed.

Nadia Ismail

Jacqueline Forzelius