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Breda Beban / Hrvoje Horvatic

Breda Beban
* 1952 in Novi Sad SRB, † 2012 in London GBR
Studied art in Zagreb CRO and Berlin GER

Hrvoje Horbatic
* 1958 Rijeka CRO, † 1997 in London GBR
Studied at the Academy for Film and Television in Zagreb CRO


Exhibitions [selection]:


Breda Beban
2014 The Subdued Existence, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad SRB [S]
2013 Breda Beban. The Adventure of The Real, MSU - Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Zagreb CRO [S]
2010 Breda Beban. My Funeral Song - Camden Arts Centre, London GBR [S]
         THIS IS ALL FILM! Experimental Film in Former Yugoslavia 1951-1991, Moderna galerija Ljubljana,      
         Ljubljana SLO
2008 Lets Call it Love, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton GBR
         Lightbox: Breda Beban - Tate Britain, London GBR
2007 The Most Beautiful Woman in Gucha, Nuova Icona, Venedig ITA

Hroje Horvatic
2010 THIS IS ALL FILM! Experimental Film in Former Yugoslavia 1951-1991, Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana SLO
2006 insert, MMSU - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Rijeka CRO
2005 Insert / Retrospective of Croatian Video Art - MSU - Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Zagreb CRO
2000 After the Wall - Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin GER


Breda Beban / Hrvoje Horvatic x

Absence She Said, 1994/95, 15:49 Min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.6]

‘Concentrated on the place of a female character in urban landscapes and domestic interiors, Absence, She Said is a highly atmospheric meditation on stasis and movement, on isolation and belonging. Without dialogue or soliloquy, the sound employs excerpts from Shostakovich String Quartet and a kind of musique concrete to enhance mood and rhythm. Structurally, the scenes in the tape alternate between the interior space of a flat – with all the attendant suggestion of the reassuring familiarity of domestic space being simultaneously represented and questioned in the frozen, blurred quality of the still images at the beginning of the tape – and the exterior urban landscapes, interspersed by short, poetic inter titles evoking the subjective states of the female character. It is this character who, through her heightened presence at the beginning and the end of the tape, frames events and images, suggesting that they are at once visions, memories and facts, subjective and objective images simultaneously.’ – Chris Darke


Breda Beban / Hrvoje Horvatic [Videonale.5] x

For Tara, 1991, 4:00 Min, colour & b/w [Videonale.5]

Image source: http://www.vtape.org/video?vi=2847


Breda Beban & Hrvoje Horvatic x

For you and me in them to be one, 1988/89, 30:00 Min., colour & b/w, sound [VIDEONALE.4]

Image source: www.luxonline.org.uk

Breda Beban & Hrvoje Horvatic