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Victor Alimpiev

*1973 in Moskau RUS, lives and works in Moskau RUS
Studied at Art School of Memroy of 1905, at Contemporary Art School in Moskau RUS and at Valand Art Academy in Göteborg SWE

Exhibitions [selection]:

2015 Radiant, REGINA Gallery, Moskau RUS [S]
2014 Selected Works, High Line Art, New York USA [S] Upward, Museum of Moscow, Moskau RUS
2013 There's Nothing Behind You, Winzavod, Moskau RUS [S]
         The Encyclopedic Palace. 55. Biennale Venedig (Hauptprojekt), Venedig ITA
2012 Stage Presence. Theatricality in Art and Media, MoMA, San Francisco USA
2011 SEVERAL, REGINA Gallery, London GBR [S]
         Ostalgia, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City USA
2010 Motor Empathy, Galerie Sollertis, Toulouse FRA [S]
         AD HOC, REGINA Gallery, Moskau RUS [S]


Victor Alimpiev x

Summer Lightnings, 2004, 4:22 min., sound, colour [VIDEONALE.11]

That the mouth can be not only a speaking, but also a silent organ, is shown by Victor Alimpiev in his work Wetterleuchten [Summer Lightnings]. Thanks to their non-speaking mouths, the eyes and hands of a group of schoolchildren take on a special vitality. Girls are shown in a classroom rapping on the tables, their lively beauty evident in frequent close-ups. The noise this makes is transformed in the video´s quick scene changes into the wild lightning of a summer night´s storm. But a secret hand signal given by the girls quickly guides the viewer back to the quiet world. The repetition of this process, during which the summer lightning becomes more and more pronounced, seems like a summer night´s dream.
The peace and serenity that often goes unnoticed comes to our attention only after the brief - but violent - storm. The stark contrast between storm and silence forms the rhythm as well as the tension in this work, which makes do without a single instrument or voice and is nonetheless peculiarly musical.
The idea of connecting the rapping of knuckles on tables with the pounding rain is based not only on their similar sounds, but also on their related essence. The moving hand and its rapping is closer to nature than human language can ever be.

Sung Un Gang

Victor Alimpiev