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Jem Cohen x

Lost Book Found, 1996, Farbe, Ton, 37:00 min. [VIDEONALE.7]

The result of over five years of Super-8 and 16mm filming on New York City streets, Lost Book Found melds documentary and narrative into a complex meditation on city life. The piece revolves around a mysterious notebook filled with obsessive listings of places, objects, and incidents. These listings serve as the key to a hidden city: a city of unconsidered geographies and layered artifacts—the relics of low-level capitalism and the debris of countless forgotten narratives. The project stems from the filmmaker's first job in New York—working as a pushcart vendor on Canal Street. As usual, Cohen shot in hundreds of locations using unobtrusive equipment and generally without any crew. Influenced by the work of Walter Benjamin, Cohen created "an archive of undirected shots and sounds, then set out to explore the boundary" between genres. During the process, Cohen said, "I found connections between the street vendor, Benjamin's 'flaneur', and my own work as an observer and collector of ephemeral street life."


Lost Book Found in der Video Data Bank der School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

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Ivo Dekovic x

Bog Razarijo, 1996, 3:57 min. [VIDEONALE.7]

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Judy Fiskin x

Diary of a Midlife Crisis, 1998, 15:56 min., Ton, Farbe [VIDEONALE.7]


Thomas Kutschker x

Über das moderne Leben, 1994, 14 (4:39) Min., Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.7]


Bill Seaman x

Passage Sets, 1994-95, 30:03 Min., Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.7]

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Gabriele Seifert x

Stehen – fallen – Häuser, 1995, 5:47 Min., Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.7]


Kai Zimmer x

3 Minutes in America, 1996, 3:00 Min, Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.7]

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David Larcher für „Videovoid“, Bill Seaman für „Passage Sets“, Paul Bush für „The Rumour of True Things“ und Jem Cohen für „Lost Book Found”

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