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Ivo Dekovic


Ivo Dekovic x

Fischer, 1987/1988, 5:30 Min, Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.3]


Ken Feingold x

The Smallest Particle, 1986, 7:53 Min., Ton, Farbe [VIDEONALE.3]


Alexander Hahn x

Viewers of Optics, 1987, 10:43 min., Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.3]

One peers through the binoculars of a statue upon the terrain of memory - an area of disaster... Pulling to a closer focus, the catastrophe seems to concern not the world at large but that of a relationship between a man and a woman. This view, too, is a distortion of distance. Closing in on the event, it becomes apparent that there is only one individual involved; that the male and female are aspects of a single psyche. (James Minnis) 

Quelle: www.alexanderhahn.com/Video/ViewersOptics2012.html

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Astrid Heibach x

Believe it or not, 1987, 4:41 min., Colour [VIDEONALE.3]


Dieter Kiessling x

Paternoster, 1987, 3:40 Min, Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.3]


Dalibor Martinis x

Liquid Ice, 1988, 12:30 min., Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.3]

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Michico Amali x

Bio Tide I & II, 1988, 9 min., Farbe [VIDEONALE.3]

The title, Biotide, expresses the fact that life on the earth are under influence of Moon's gravitational force in one way or another. Everyone knows about tidal wave; and it was an astonishment to me when I realised that the force which would change the sea level by meters, in fact has effect on our body the same way. The moon, the sea which is under the control of the moon, and the people who live by the sea and their sensitivity are themes of this work.(Michico Amali) 

Quelle: kaeru.com/biotide.html


Michael Bielicky x

Next year in Jerusalem (Hommage a Rabi Löw), 1988, 5:50 (02:40) Min, Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.3]




Cecelia Condit x

Not a Jealous Bone, 1987, 10:24 Min., Farbe, Ton [VIDEONALE.3]

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Interview mit Cecilia Condit.

Infos über „Not a jealous bone“.

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Woddy Vasulka für „Art of Memory“, Paul Garrin für „Free Society“ und Cecilia Condit für „Not a Jealous Bone“

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