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Gábor Bódy

* 1946 in Budapest HUN, † 1985 in Budapest HUN
Studium an der University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest HUN und Philosophie an der Eötvös Loránd Universität in Budapest HUN


Ausstellungen [Auswahl]:


2012 Gábor Bódy, C3 - Center for Culture & Communication, Budapest HUN [S]
         The State of Image. Zbigniew Rybczyński und Gábor Bódy, ZKM, Karlsruhe GER
2011 Context of Space: The Contemporary Hungarian Scene, Bunkier Stzuki, Krakau POL
2010 RECORD AGAIN! 40jahrevideokunst.de - Teil 2, Kunsthaus Dresden GER
2006 Gábor Bódy (1946¨C1985), Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Budapest HUN [S]



Gábor Bódy [Videonale.1] x

Agrippa: De occulta philosophia, 1984, 7:10 (02:57) Min., Farbe, Ton [Videonale.1] mit Folkmar Hein & Llurex


Gábor Bódy [kein Videonale-Beitrag] x

Gábor Bódy, Der Dämon in Berlin, 1982, 28:00 Min., Farbe, Ton [kein Videonale-Beitrag; Verleih: LIMA, Amsterdam]


Gábor Bódy [Videonale.2] x

Gábor Bódy, Walzer, 1985, 3:40 Min., Farbe, Ton [Videonale.2]

“There is also dancing in this tape but this time it's about the lyric dance of youth and is depicted by Bódy in an unconventional way. Walzer is a poem written by Novalis, the German romantic poet (1772-1801) to mark the premature death of his fiancée Sophie von Kühn. The text of Walzer is recited and appears in a spiral - the spiral of life? Lyric-Clip reflects the transience of youth as borne out by the macabre, dancing skeleton that appears on screen.” 

Source: www.li-ma.nl/site/catalogue/art/gabor-body/philo-mytho-lyric-clips/81

Gábor Bódy